R&D Turbocharger Kit (Intercooled, formerly Stage 3)
December 14, 2019

Injection Pumps


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R&D Injection pumps are the crossroads between a quality Stanadyne Certified pump rebuild and a customized performance calibration to maximize a particular power level required by the customer. The RD2-80 and RD2-90 pumps retain standard pump construction (With larger factory components to achieve the necessary calibration level if necessary), while the RD2-110, RD4-130, RD4-150, and RD4-MOD utilize a larger cam pin assembly with a locked out timing mechanism (All the timing advance is achieved by the larger roller to roller spec). These three pumps also utilize an input roller thrust bearing to prevent transfer pump thrust wear. The 150 and 180 pumps utilize a 4 plunger hydraulic head to achieve the necessary volume. Volume at factory test calibration as follows:

RD2-80              Peak fueling: 90cc            Fueling at 2800RPM: 80-85cc             Cut:~3800rpm

RD2-90              Peak fueling: 105-110cc    Fueling at 2800RPM: 90-95cc            Cut:~3800rpm

RD2-110            Peak fueling: 125-135cc    Fueling at 2800RPM: 110-115cc        Cut:   4000+rpm

RD4-130            Peak fueling: 150-160cc    Fueling at 2800RPM: 130-135cc        Cut:   4000+rpm

RD4-150            Peak fueling: 200-220cc    Fueling at 2800RPM: 150-155cc        Cut:   4000+rpm

RD4-MOD            Peak fueling: 225-235cc    Fueling at 2800RPM: 170-180cc        Cut    4000+rpm

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RD2-80, RD2-90, RD2-110, RD4-130, RD4-150, RD4-MOD

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