R&D Turbocharger Kit (Intercooled, formerly Stage 3)
December 14, 2019

R&D Handbuilt Injectors


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R&D Handbuilt Injectors are brand new units that we assemble in house with attention to detail unrivaled in the IDI injector market. All injectors are individually assembled by hand and pop tested to within 50psi of each other, all while analyzing the spray characteristics assuring a quality controlled project. The injectors are assembled with brand new parts to maintain consistency. All injectors are set to 1900psi as a buffer for eventual settling in the 1700psi range. 1700 psi is where the injection pumps are calibrated at, so the end goal is consistent to the test plan the pump was originally calibrated to flow as.

Stock injectors utilize a stock nozzle based on the characteristics of the “BB code” nozzles of the past.

Stage 1 injectors are the only injector on the market with proven gains on the Dyno. Utilizing a larger orifice cross-section and reprofiled flow angles, the Stage 1 takes advantage of the benefits offered in the Stock Injectors, while pulling a little more fuel out of the injection pump for increased power and torque.

No Core required.

Prices are for a set of 8.

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Stock Replacement, Stage 1

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